XHM500D-J BOPP Thermal Lamination Film high speed Laminate Machine (Correcting)

Release Date:2020-11-02 09:38

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Easy to use, save operation time
  • No blistering, no wrinkles or delamination
  • The effect is brighter than the traditional gellan (oil, water), and the product can be preserved for a long time without yellow.
  • No solvent pollution, making the factory safer and more environmentally friendly, workers more healthy
  • In line with the environmental protection requirements of European and American countries, it has been widely used by European and American manufacturers

Product Details

High speed pre-coating film laminating machine is mainly suitable for the coating of various synthetic paper, pearlite film, Xiao Yinlong, liang Yin, PET, PP, cardboard, coated paper drum and other materials. Eliminate warping and wrinkling, save energy and protect environment, operate stably. Performance Features:

*The rubber drum is made of imported silica gel material, which is non-adhesive to ink and paper under high temperature and high pressure;

*Automatic tension control, random automatic adjustment of film tension;

*Photoelectric automatic tracking and rectifying system, with long contactless contact life, high reliability, and better rectifying effect;

*Adopt oil pressure device to provide more compound pressure for the plastic roller, which is enough to meet the pressure demand of various pre-coated films;

*Label unwinding device (this has been granted the national patent, patent number: 2015208631878)

* Brand: Weineng

* Model: Precoated film laminating machine

* Origin: China

* Specification: XHM500D-J

* Application range: Suitable for a variety of synthetic paper, PET, pearlite film, Xiao Yinlong, coated paper and other reel materials

* Coated width: 450mm

* Mulching speed: 8 ~ 120m/min

* Maximum outside diameter of web: 720mm

* Total power: 380V / 8.8kW

* Exterior size: 1750mm*1200mm*1060mm

* Weight: 0.95T

* Processing customization: standard

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