White Laser Module T2

Release Date:2020-10-29 19:58

Five Advantages Of Products

  • High-energy laser excites fluorescent crystal to produce white light
  • No moving parts, high stability, high shock resistance
  • Low voltage drive, turn on and off
  • Full coverage of the visible spectrum, no infrared and ultraviolet components
  • Can be customized production to meet customer product needs

Product Details

Product Name; Laser module( white light)

Brand of Laser diode: World famous brand

Warr anty:      Unavailable 

Place of Origin:      Guangdong, China

Brand Name:           XUV 

Key Selling Points:       Long Service Life 

After Warranty Service:   Online support 

Weight (KG):  0.1 KG -1kg

Local Service Location: None  

Wavelength:  515nm-535nm

Output power:  Can be customized

Color:  White

Shell Material:   Copper

Expected Lifetime:  10000 Hours

Operating Temperature:0~+85 ℃

Storage Temperature: -40~+85 ℃

Size: To customize as your requirement 

Lens Material:   Acrylic 

Spot Feature:  Dot, Line, Cross ,Wave

After Warranty Service:   Online support 

Applicable Industries:  Illuminating&indicating, environmental surveillance,administrative enforcement of law , laser line positioning, medical beauty artificial intelligence, telecommunication detection stage lighting and so on.


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