Source Factory CBB60 motor water pump running capacitor

Release Date:2020-10-12 17:32

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Aluminum shell explosion-proof
  • High insulation resistance
  • Regardless of positive and negative
  • Good self-healing performance
  • Inrush current resistance

Product Details

CD-type capacitors use electrolytic cores in parallel to form a starting capacitor. High-purity epoxy resin is injected into the aluminum shell to keep it in a vacuum state, and the product can withstand better high temperature performance and longer service life.

Scope of application: electric motors, cranes, air compressors, water pump motors, generators, washing machines and other electronic products

Product name: CD60 start capacitor

Withstand voltage: 450V

Capacity range: 100uf--450uf

Pin: rubber pure copper lead

Capacity deviation: ±5%

Shell: aluminum shell

Size: 50*100mm

Maximum voltage: 1.1 times the rated voltage

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