Gear Pump Hgp-1A Hydraulic Pump Oil Pump High Pressure Gear Pump

Release Date:2020-10-26 11:43

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Applicable Medium: HM Hydraulic Oil 32#/ 46# / 68#
  • Applicable Temperature : -20~80°C
  • Nominal Displacement (mL/r) :0.8 / 1/ 2 / 3 /4 / 5 / 6 / 8
  • Rated Pressure ( Mpa):21 , Max.25
  • Rated Speed (r/min) :1800 , Speed Range :600~4300

Product Details

★ High strength aluminum alloy shell, light weight, alloy steel hard surface gear transmission, smooth transmission;
★ Product implementation standard: People's Republic of China Machinery Industry standard: JB/T 7041 'Hydraulic gear pumps';
★ Flange installation: SAE 2-bolt standard;
★ The input shaft connection form: Plain key ;
In/Outlet port;Screw;
★ Automatic compensation mechanism of  axial and radial clearance , so that the oil pump can maintain high volume efficiency and high mechanical efficiency for a long time;
★ SP series gear, small fluctuation, high pressure, low noise, stable product performance;
★ DU composite bearing and high performance sealing element, small starting torque, good sealing performance, strong anti-fouling ability, can work efficiently under bad working conditions.
★Customized single and multiple unit options available

They are widely used to automobile machinery, hardware machinery, light industrial machinery, textile machinery, environmental protection, injection molding, military industry, national defense and other industries,etc.

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