Factory Directly Sell 4 Inch Car Rubber Eraser Wheel For Decal And Graphic Remover

Release Date:2020-11-17 09:52

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easily removes decals and stickers in minutes
  • Reduce the time spent on the removal of double face tape
  • Remove glue easily
  • Cleaning absolutely

Product Details

Size: Adhesive remover 4 inch with Adapter 1-Pack to remove any vinyl,decal, graphic.

Material: Decal Remover solid round design is larger in size than other discs,more faster.

Advantage: Remover Eraser Wheel dramatically reduces the time spent on the removal of Pinstripes, Adhesive, Decals and Double Faced Tape.The best one.

Application: Decal eraser wheel made from soft rubber is the most successful sticker removal tool in removing decals from Cars, Windows, Signs, Metal Haul Boats & Trucks.

Note: Sticker remover can molded rubber medium density drill attachment tool with a stop use line; For use with electric drill with maximum 4,000 RPM (best results between 1,500 and 3,000) (Not for use on lacquer coatings).Our product is your best choose ever.

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