Baby bed backboard PP blister box

Release Date:2020-11-17 16:10

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Soft texture, good toughness
  • Unique design concept
  • Improve the uneven thickness of thick blister
  • Cutting is done in multiple processes
  • Mold opening costs are cheaper than injection molds, and the time is shorter

Product Details

Dongguan Xukang specializes in the production of high-end blister, high-end blister customization in various industries. It is a blister manufacturer integrating R&D and production. We always take the provision of high-quality products as the core of the company and create exclusive packaging for your products. The backboard of the stroller is blister with a unique design concept. The new PP sheet is soft and has good toughness. The production and cutting of this type of blister are relatively difficult. The thicker the material, the more accurate the vacuum time is to improve the uneven thickness. The cutting is completed in multiple processes.

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