well type S system keg coupler with relief valve

Release Date:2020-06-12 09:50

Five Advantages Of Products

  • coupler's probe is made of SS304. 304 stainless steel can work under the temperature of -270~400 ℃ long-term security circumstance, either high temperature or low temperature will not release harmful substances, material properties are fairly stable.
  • Handle can be any other colors and be printed other logos if requested.
  • The shell adopts hot forging process, the internal parts are refined, and the corrosion resistance of the parts is greatly improved.
  • Products sealed by natural rubber injection molding, in line with the drinking water standards, will not cause secondary pollution of beer , to keep beer pure hygiene, health security .
  • handle of coupler is designed according to human mechanics, flexibly turn on or off.

Product Details

Type: well-type  S

Surface Treatment:  nickle plated

Color: silver

Structure: with relief valve

Connect : via nipple

Nipple size: OD 8mm    

Material of body: brass

Material  of handle: stainless  steel

Material  of probe: SS304

Process Technic: hot forming

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