With Wobble head handheld high quality automatic fiber laser welding machine for stainless steel iron aluminum copper brass

Release Date:2020-06-10 18:06

Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1 This Wobble welding head is widely used in cabinets, kitchen cabinets, stair elevators, shelves, ovens, stainless steel door and window guardrails, distribution boxes, stainless steel homes and other industries with complex and irregular welding processes; perfect replacement for traditional argon arc welding, welding on thin stainless steel plates, Welding of metal materials such as iron plates and aluminum plates.
  • 2 The internal design is smart and the good interactive control system expands the tolerance range of the machined parts and the width of the weld. It solves the disadvantage of small laser welding spot and better weld formation.
  • 3 The shape is light and the body engineering design method is adopted. The performance is reliable, the grip is comfortable and easy to control, and the operation is simple and easy to use.
  • 4 With multiple safety alarms, it automatically locks light after removing the workpiece, which is safe.
  • 5 Beautiful weld seam, fast speed, no consumables, no weld marks, no discoloration, no need for post-grinding

Product Details

Device Configuration

1000W A set of continuous laser

One laser fiber

A set of QBA welding heads

One set of 1.5P water chiller(inside) 

1 Cost saving: The cost saving is mainly achieved by improving efficiency, de-skilling and reducing post-weld treatment: 1) Efficiency. Handheld laser welding is fast, 2-10 times faster than conventional welding, and a machine can save at least 2 welders a year;

2 Go to skills. Easy to operate, you can get a job without a certificate of employment;

3The weld seam after welding is smooth, reducing the subsequent grinding process.

1.Taking argon arc welding as an example, a mature welder is required for argon arc welding in China. The annual labor cost of a mature welder is not less than RMB 80,000, and the hand-held laser welding uses ordinary operators. The labor cost per year is only RMB 50,000. The hand-held laser welding efficiency is 1 times that of argon arc welding, which can save labor costs of 110,000 RMB. Moreover, argon arc welding generally needs to be polished after welding, and laser hand welding does not need to be polished, or only needs to be slightly polished, which saves a part of the labor cost of the sander. The payback period is about 2 years.

2. Environmental protection: Traditional argon arc welding will generate a large amount of welding dust and dross, which is harmful to the environment, while laser hand welding has relatively less harm to the environment.

3. Laser welding has less consumables and long life.

4, strong scalability, can be equipped with a manipulator or other CNC welding machine, and replace the ordinary hand-held head or swing hand-held head to meet various welding needs.

5. The heat affected area is small when welding, the workpiece has no deformation, no welding, and the welding is firm.

6, a wide range of weldable materials, can be joined to a variety of heterogeneous materials.

7. Hand-held operation mode, special welding nozzle can be used to weld the workpiece at any angle at any angle. It can be placed at an appropriate distance from the workpiece and can be guided between the tools or obstacles around the workpiece. Other welding rules It is not possible to play due to the above space restrictions.

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