Smart watch Smart sports bracelet F8 ( JYDA368) Heart rate detection Detection of sleep Level IP67 waterproof

Release Date:2020-06-22 15:55

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Heart rate detection
  • Detection of sleep
  • Level IP67 waterproof
  • Phone calls reminding
  • The lost warning

Product Details


Touch or not: Yes

Band Meterial: Silicon band

Movement:       RPA8955

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Charging time: 2H

Display resolation: 128*128

Display size: 1.44

Camera: 8w

Standby time: 3-4days

Run a memory:32mb

The fuselage memory: 32mb

App supports: Android   IOS

Color:   Purple  deep cyan  Res...

Radiation: lower than phones,  international standards

Applicable age:3-12 years old

Positioning Mode: base station positioning

Function: Time,A pedometer, The timer , Strong mometom , Phone calls reminding,Smar reminder,Distance,Calories, Sleep monitoring, Stationary display, Alarm clock,  Blood pressure detection detection, Loss prevetion alert. 

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