OEM Full Sublimation Printed T Shirt Wholesale Clothing Custom Long Sleeve T Shirt

Release Date:2020-06-26 16:14

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Top Quality
  • Good Price
  • Small Quantity
  • Short Leading Time
  • 100% Polyester

Product Details

OEM Full Sublimation Printed T Shirt Wholesale Clothing Custom Long Sleeve T Shirt 





  Q  : What’s your MOQ?

  A  For sublimation order, MOQ is 10 pieces For cut and sewn order, MOQ is 100 pieces.

   : How do you deal with rush order (within 8 days)?

  A  We accept rush order

  Q  : Which payment terms can you accept?

  A  We normally accept T/T (bank transfer), Western Union.50% deposit prior to production,                 balance to be paid before shipping.
PS: If your order is one of the following types, you need to pay the full payment before                          production: Sample order/ order’s total amount less than $1000usd.

  Q  : What’s your order process?

  A  :   Step1: Confirm the order details (design/art-work, material, quantity, size etc)
          Step 2: Pay the deposit
          Step 3: Start production
          Step 4: Finish production and quality checking
          Step 5: Arrange the balance
          Step 6: Ship out goods and provide tracking number
          Step 7: Receive the goods
          Step 8: Give feedback (in order to improve our production and service) 

  Q  : How to choose the correct colors?

  A  You can advise us PMS colors or our color numbers of our color chart (it needs to ship to you).

  Q  : what format of design or logo you need?

  A  CDR, AI, EPS, PSD or PDF. High resolution JPG is acceptable as well.

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