Nickel alloy 718 casting (Inconel718, UNS N07718, W.Nr2.4468)

Release Date:2020-06-21 22:42

Five Advantages Of Products

  • The alloys will higher strength at below 650°C
  • Has good resistance to fatigue, radiation, oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Good processing performance
  • Stable chemical properties at low temperatures
  • Welding performance and long-term structural stability

Product Details

  Inconel 718 is a Fe-Ni-Cr-based precipitation hardening deformed superalloy, with a long-term use temperature range of -253~650℃, a short-term use temperature of 800℃, and high strength, good toughness and high and low temperature environment when it is below 650℃ All are resistant to oxidation and corrosion. And good processing performance and welding performance and long-term organizational stability.

  The alloy has been used to make aeroengine turbine disks, rings, casings, shafts, blades, fasteners, elastic elements, gas ducts, sealing elements and welded structural parts, etc.; to make turbine rotors in liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen rocket engines And other components; making various elastic elements and grids for nuclear energy industrial applications; making various parts for petroleum and chemical applications.

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