Manufacturer's direct iPhone with gold foil drop adhesive true flower dried flower embossed TPU apple transparent shatterproof case

Release Date:2020-06-12 16:06

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Material properties.TPU+PC environmental protection material production, with anti-slip, anti-shock, anti-scratch, anti-fall, wear resistance and other characteristics, very durable
  • Easy to carry.Adopt back clamp + support structure.The clip can be rotated 180° horizontally and opened longitudinally at a 35° Angle.It can be clipped on belt and backpack belt.The support frame can be opened at a 90° Angle, which is convenient for you to release your hands to watch the video anytime and anywhere.Suitable for outdoor people and people in any working environment
  • Good heat dissipation performance.The inner surface of the TPU is designed with grooves and intersections, which can greatly reduce the cooling load of the mobile phone
  • Introduction of spraying.The surface of TPU is designed with high quality frosted and anti-slip.PC spray layer for hand felt leather, with the characteristics of anti - slip, anti - scratch.You can customize any color and ink-jet pattern
  • Appearance features.Modern design, fortitude and unique, suitable for consumers in many countries

Product Details

1. The iPhone case drips, following the trend of the times;

 2. Scratch, impact, and surface hardening up to 3 hours, effectively protecting the case from scratches or wear; 

3. Ultra thin, flexible enough to absorb any surface; 

4, dUSTPROOF, waterproof, weather resistance is good, can be outdoor operation at any time; 

5, the design color is bright, fashion sense is strong, keep for a long time, not easy to fade, more anti-uv waterproof; 

6,10 years of industry experience product innovation shipping fast is your partner. Can undertake all kinds of OEM / ODM orders processing and production; 

7, all products can be shot in stock, the same day before 6:00 pm orders can be shipped; 

8, Express Default: Unicom Express, express, if need Shunfeng, EMS need to cover postage difference, please contact customer service to modify the postage differential; 

Note: real shells, dried flowers do not do anti-gravity temporarily.

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