Use Benzalkonium chloride Non-wash Foaming Sanitizer to guards the hand health

Release Date:2020-06-29

Nowadays, many people are tempted to buy handly sanitizers that kill 99.99% to get rid of infections and diseases. Hand washing using soap with water is an effective way of reducing skin microbes and eliminating the transmission of infectious diseases.

Washing our hands will not always convenient or possible way especially when we were outside or in the hospitals but using hand sanitizers can provide the best alternative to soap and water. We all know that in this covid19 situation, we are trying our best to resist the illness by washing our hands often.  Hand hygiene is the easiest way to protect ourselves wherever we go.

You can disinfect your hand by using this Benzalkonium Chloride easily that absolutely kills 99.9% germs effectively!

This Benzalkonium chloride foam sanitizer has a high efficient broad-spectrum sterilization. Pouring some small amount of addition can achieve an excellent antibacterial effect. This hand sanitizer foam is commonly used in everyone’s household and It is also widely used in medicine. When you go to the hospital, you should use it at this time to non-wash sanitizer foaming. It is important to guard hands to protect ourselves by eliminating the disease spreading.


Benzalkonium Chloride foam benefits:

ü Mild unstimulated and Safety of clinical application

This bottle of hand sanitizer foam is perfectly safe for family use and when it comes to children. It can open easily by pressing the pump dispenser to apply quickly then covered well that ensures uncontaminated.


ü No irritation to the skin, mucous membrane and eyes, and has no allergy to skin

It is common that alcohol-based hand sanitizers tend to dry out after applying in our skin. But In this hand sanitizer foam with benzalkonium chloride is best to apply if you suffer from skin sensitivities. This product is safe for every type of skin yet it cannot cause dryness after applying on the surface of our skin.


ü Full and dense foam, meticulous, clean all surface of hands and skin

We usually favor the feel of a foaming hand sanitizer when applying into our hands and tend to spread it more consistently for better sanitizing coverage that definitely cleans all the surface of the skin. This hand sanitizer foam provides more use even if we squeeze out a small amount of foam can spread to cover the entire hand, but the more versatile the foam, the better.

ü A small amount kills 99.99% germs

Fight the spread of germs that clinically proven to eliminate 99.99% of disease that may cause disease. This foam antibacterial hand sanitizer is best for everyone, especially in medical hospitals.


 Lastly, this Benzalkonium Chloride foam allows us to provide a hand sanitizer option without drying and irritating our skin which is safe to be used multiple times each day. It can help us to provide the best way for protection against hand infections. This non-heavy bottle is convenient to carry while in the hospital or wherever you are. We recommend this product for you.

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